Help! I’m Buying Comics Again!

Woah! Midtown Comics is scary cool!

They sell EVERYTHING. They even had a lot of Moon Knight, though I’m glad I changed my mind about him before I went in there.

Spent my whole gift certificate (not as easily as I expected, either) and got a few more of the Loeb/Lee Batmans I wanted, all four of the Baron Karza mini, the latest Micronauts, couple of the new Titans series and the new New Mutants. Also grabbed a Batman graphic novel, The Long Halloween (good looking out, Oscar!) which just happens to pick up from the Batman: Year One storyline! Gotta love synergy.

Salomé came with me and, while it wasn’t quite as bad as when Lynne went with Eric and I to the Planet of the Apes marathon (all five movies, in Ape chronological order!) and was the ONLY woman there, it was close. Of course, nothing can top the dork at the theater walking around like an ape. Priceless.

Felt like the proverbial kid in the candy store, going through boxes of comics, remembering issues I used to have as a kid, trying to find something new. The new stuff is the hardest part. I don’t want to just stick with the titles I remember as a kid but I don’t know enough yet to comfortably experiment. Forgot most of the stuff I’d seen in Wizard that had intrigued me, too. Early post-high school, when I was reading a novel a week, I’d just randomly pick something and give it a chance. Came across some great books that way, including Fool on the Hill and The Roaches Have No King. Have to do that with comics so I can find some off-the-beaten path stuff.

Need to pick up some comic bags and a box, too. Don’t want to “collect,” per se, but I do want to take care of them after I read them.

So I guess it’s official. I’m really buying comics again. Lord help me!

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