Christopher Nolan’s Joker Problem

No matter who wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor three weeks from now, Christopher Nolan has a serious dilemma in front of him as he decides where to go with his inevitable third installment in the juggernaut Batman franchise. To Joker, or Not To Joker? Even if he hadn't received a single award nomination … Continue reading Christopher Nolan’s Joker Problem

On self-discipline and self-flagellation

The most difficult aspect of writing, for me, has always been the self-discipline required to write every day, no matter what. I simply don't have any. (Not just for writing, either, but that's a whole other post!) There are a number of legitimate reasons excuses I could put forward to explain why it's so difficult to … Continue reading On self-discipline and self-flagellation

Ghost Rider’s Qualified Success and What it Means for DC

With the estimates for its third weekend in ($11.5m towards $94m to-date, domestic) it's safe to consider Ghost Rider a qualified success as it's quite likely that it will surpass director Mark Steven Johnson's previous effort, Daredevil -- which topped out at $102m after 22 weeks in release -- by the end of next weekend, … Continue reading Ghost Rider’s Qualified Success and What it Means for DC

Mark Your Calendar: Kids’ Comic Con

A kid-centric comic convention, in the Bronx?!?! Alex Simmons is my hero!Kid's Comic Con Slated for the BronxKnown for his work as a writer of comics, prose and plays as well as an ongoing series of popular kids comics workshops held around New York City, Alex Simmons announced plans to hold the first Kid's Comic … Continue reading Mark Your Calendar: Kids’ Comic Con