Wednesday is new comic book day!

So I’ve gotten into yet another flame war with Danny Solis on the poetry_slam list. Why can’t I just leave that shit alone? The whole PSI thing, I mean.

Solis is this big-ass, dreadlocked Mexican poet, currently out of Albuquerque, NM. If you saw SlamNation, he’s on the Austin team, in that fun little group piece they do. Not someone you want to piss off, especially if he’s been drinking. The irony is, as much as I’ve virtually fought with him over the years, I think he’s a pretty good guy. He’s a very good poet with a strong sense of social responsibility and a committment to Chicano culture that is insprational. On the other hand, he’s a self-righteous blowhard that browbeats anyone with a different point-of-view (especially lesser-known white guys) and restates his comments more than the Bush Administration!

Our arguments almost always end up getting personal, which is an angle he can rarely win as, I may be an asshole, but at least I’m consistent!

As for PSI, I don’t really understand why I’m still involved with them at all. When I came back to NY, I had to as slammaster, but now that I’ve stepped down, I’m not sure why I don’t just unsubscribe from the damn list. PSI’s gone from fledgling to floundering and I can’t honestly say that I care enough anymore to deal with the requisite bullshit that comes with it. Grrrr.

In other more interesting news, Wednesday is new comic book day! I picked up a handful as I’m settling in to some regular titles: Micronauts, New Mutants and Gotham Central, along with Batman. Also grabbed the new Teen Titans and Spectacular Spider-Man, which were pretty good and I think I’ll be adding them to my regular list. Next Saturday is the Big Apple Comic Convention that I plan to check out, my first such event. Should be fun.

THIS JUST IN: Catch me this Saturday at the Bowery hosting Ishle Yi Park’s CD Release Party. She’s gonna have a band and Edward Garcia, Bassey and Taiyo will be performing, too. Should be a lot of fun.

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