The Box Monster

There’s several milestones in your kid’s life that you look forward to, some happily, some with dread. This morning, Isaac hit one of the those.

Last night, he discovered the box our latest shipment of Green Mountain Coffee came in (Fair Trade, ahem…) and started playing with it, standing in it, putting his toys in it and finally, putting it on his head. When he started walking around playing his own version of blind man’s bluff [remember that game, best played with girls you wanted to feel up?], I decided to cut some eye slits into the box so he wouldn’t go crashing into a wall or something. After he put it on, I decided to add to it, turning it into kind of a mask and telling him he was a superhero. He opted for monster, and the Box Monster was born as he spent the next 45 minutes running around the house roaring, “I’m a monster!” Of course, he didn’t want to take it off when it was time for bed and only brushing his teeth distracted him, barely (weird kid, loves brushing his teeth, loves medicine…). So, this morning comes and we’re getting ready to leave the house and he remembers his box and decides he wants to take it with him to day care. Not just take it, though, he wants to wear it on the way.

And that’s the back story of why you often see kids wearing random costumes, mismatched and out-of-season outfits, crazy hairdos, and, in a similar vein, yelling inappropriate sayings that were funny in the privacy of your own home! Next time, give the parents a knowing wink and a smile. They’ll appreciate it.

THIS JUST IN: That documentary I mentioned a week or so ago, the crew will be at Cornelia tonight taping some of my feature. If you can make it, please come out. I’ll have MY camera, too, taking some pictures to add to the appearances page on my site, where you can also get the details for tonight.

Today’s Web site: Long shots can win.

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