Acentos, hosting and potential drama

Tonight is Acentos and I’m feeling a little giddy already. When Oscar and Fish asked me to host tonight’s show a couple of months back, I didn’t think twice. I was honored! Now, the nerves are starting to kick in a little bit as it’s only eight hours away. I haven’t hosted anything in while and have probably been on stage for less than an hour over the past few months so it’ll be tricky knocking off the rust. Fish is expecting a strong turnout which should be fun in the cozy confines of the Blue Ox. Old school Nuyorican with people all over the floor and each other. The open mic should be fun, too, as some first-timers will be popping in, including Maya Azucena!

I vaguely remember making a deal at the last show with the new bartender, Tina, for tonight’s show but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was. I hope it involved me getting a free drink! Ahem.

Sunday night will be an…interesting?…show, as I’ll be at CBGB’s for The Poetry Summit, a reading organized by the guy doing the documentary on Keith Roach, who will be hosting the festivities! Keith isn’t what makes it interesting, though, as we’ve pretty much made our peace and moved on from the drama of years past. The lineup for the night includes several people I’ve had beef with over the years, including a couple of recent episodes that are still pretty fresh. It’d be funny if they showed clips of our interviews for the documentary as intros! I’m most looking forward to seeing Alix, Dot and Felice. The question is, what the hell do I read there? Cryptogram, perhaps? LOL!

Come on out and buy me a drink!

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