RIP: Pedro Pietri

Woke up this morning / feeling excellent! / Picked up the telephone / dialed the number / Of my equal opportunity / employer to inform him / I will not be in / to work today! / Are you feeling sick? / the Boss asked me, / “No Sir” I replied, / I am feeling too good / to report to work today! / If I feel sick tomorrow / I will come in early.

–TELEPHONE BOOTH NUMBER 905, by El Reverendo Pedro Pietri

Pedro Pietri died yesterday.

From the Nuyorican: “The family and friends of Pedro Pietri will keep you informed as arrangements are finalized, through the Pedro Pietri Health Benefit voicemail (212-340-1237).”

I hope he was comforted these past few months knowing a lot of people were pulling for him and that his life, hard as it may have been at times, wasn’t lived in vain.

Rest well, el Rev. You’ve earned it.

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