There’s one thing I value above most others: loyalty.

Not blind loyalty; not stroke my ego and never say anything bad loyalty; not pretend I’m always right and never question me loyalty.

Very simply, you know that when I’m in your corner, I’m IN your corner, so don’t blindside me with some random bullshit and act like I haven’t had your back from day one.

When she decided to go the weak, emotional route when called out on her shit, I understand you taking her side. I can even forgive the impulsive protective response that led you to push me. I completely respect the fact that you came back and apologized.

I’ll never forget how it all went down, though.

Through everything, every self-inflicted up and down, I stood behind the two of you and your decision when everyone else wanted to rip you apart for your fantasyland self-indulgence. I looked you both in the eye then and said, “If this is real, tell me, and I will support you 100% and will do everything I can to smooth things over with those you hurt.”

Today, I’m the one hurt. The one that realizes the last two pieces of this unnecessary puzzle don’t need to fit, as much as they just need to be discarded.

I”m done with both of you. That was a betrayal on a level there’s no return from.

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