Pumpkin Seeds: Trickle Down Edition

1. My earliest “political” memory is of rooting for Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential election. My second is of being disappointed that Reagan didn’t die when he was shot in 1981.

2. Reaganomics can kiss my ass. Shit trickles downhill, not prosperity. There is no pony buried under the manure; just more manure.

3. On Tuesday, my boss finally got the boot. Thursday’s goodbye lunch was one of the most awkward moments I’ve ever had to contribute $21 to. What do you say to someone that was justifiably fired and knows it?

4. Realized last week that I’ve only once worked directly for a boss that was married with children, and that was an economic marriage of convenience if I ever saw one. The rest? One married; one widowed with children; several gay or lesbian; a couple of spinsters. All but three were women. All of them were white.

5. Isaac, a half-hour into Saturday’s comic book show at Penn Plaza Pavillion: “Daddy, comic books are for boys, right?”

6. After a couple of issues, fan favorite Michael Turner’s artwork starts to get rather boring. Sure he draws great-looking women, but they all look the same! His much-anticipated run on Superman/Batman has been something of a letdown and has turned me into a closet speculator.

7. 39 comics for $19. Forgotten Realms, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Arion, Atari Force, Moon Knight. The “collection” is well over 300 now, close to one comic for each day since I started buying again, and has spread into a second longbox!

8. Gearing up for Omar’s new D&D campaign and it looks like it may do for me what I’d hoped my own would: spark some long-term writing. He’s set up blogs for each of our characters!

9. It’s only been a little more than two weeks since I’ve been to a poetry reading but it feels like months. Tomorrow’s Acentos is a must but, if it weren’t Rich featuring, I’m not sure I’d make it out. Fortunately, it is Rich featuring so the batteries should get a much-needed recharge.

10. I would happily work four 10-hour days if it meant 3-day weekends.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Seeds: Trickle Down Edition

  1. I have to correct something I said earlier today at work. I said to my boss that he was the only person I have meet to trash Reagan. Let me strike that and make it two. Man Guy, you are/were harsh. How old were you in ’81, 10-13 tops. Let me feed your rage. Read this
    Reagan Legacy Has a Dark Side in Central America by Ivan Castro

    I have to agee with you on Micheal Turner. I dont know what all the hype is about.

  2. How was the con? I think I’ve burned out on Big Apple. Ernie Cline just sent me an amazing list of every nerd con happenning this year! There’s a Nerd Con coming up in Philly!

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