Non-profit, literally

I get daily emails from about job openings in non-profit and socially-minded for-profit companies.

Every week there’s usually a few interesting jobs that are right up my alley. Invariably, they pay considerably less than my current corporate rut job. “Considerably less” as in Executive Directors for some of these places make less than me.

And that’s not because I make Executive Director money.

I don’t hate my job, specifically, as much as I hate the corporate atmosphere I have to to do it in. Things like the Yummy Sandwich incident. Or the stupid-hire-in-the-first-place, boss on probation fiasco.

Most days, I actually like my job a lot. But having to put on a dog-and-pony show for new bosses in order to not get screwed out of what you deserve and were already on-track for before the shuffling, sucks donkey dick.

Non-consensual donkey dick.

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