Boondocks on TV? Everybody in the pool!

The Vine: Cartoon drawn to ‘Boondocks’

“The Boondocks” is bound for Cartoon Network. Sources say Cartoon Network is finalizing a deal with Sony Pictures Television to pick up a half-hour series based on the newspaper comic strip “Boondocks,” penned by Aaron McGruder. The TV adaptation was initially developed as a pilot for Fox Broadcasting Co., which passed after viewing a six-minute presentation reel during its pilot screening process earlier this year. Cartoon is believed to be eyeing “Boondocks” for its “Adult Swim” late-night block, given the racially and politically charged humor that has been the hallmark of the newspaper strip.

Gee, Fox passing on a hyper-political show like Boondocks? Surprise!

And thank goodness they didn’t go the live-action route. Hopefully it translates more like the Simpsons and not Dilbert or Garfield.

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