Buzzscope Interview: Alias’ Miller In the Hot Seat

Miller owns up to mistakes, promises 30 years of comics

Alias Enterprises burst onto the comics scene a few months back, hot on the heels of a trio of successful titles published under the Image banner: Lullaby, The Imaginaries, and Lions, Tigers and Bears. With multi-page advertising spreads in Previews, and an all-out internet PR-blitz promoting their relatively little-to-unknown creators and/or properties and their $0.75 first issues, Alias was poised to make a bang throughout the month April with an aggressive slate of 12 brand new titles all scheduled to hit the stands before Free Comic Book Day. As the end of April drew nearer, however, not a single Alias-branded title had appeared on the racks, and questions were beginning to pop up on message boards across the internet.

“What happened to…”

Read the full interview here.

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