Best. Feature. Ever.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Blue Ox last night. There’s no possible way you could have enjoyed it more than I did but I hope it came close. Having family, both blood and chosen, and friends in the audience along with a nice mix of complete strangers helped make it a truly special moment. Other than the night I proposed to Salomé at the Nuyorican, nothing else I’ve ever done on a stage even comes close.

At the beginning of my set, I mentioned Tony Brown’s approach of what if this was the last time you ever performed? and explained how that played into the poems I chose to read.

Running Bases
Behind the Music
A Work in Progress
Sonnet for Salomé
Bosco, Bilingual and Belated Regrets
Sunday Mornings in the Kitchen with Gan’ganny
The View from Airplanes & Other Leaps of Faith
Mozer, Bethea & I

Each one represented an important person or moment in my life and if I never read another poem from stage again, even more likely after last night, I will be very happy to have last night remembered as my last time.

Now, it’s time to buckle down and get to work on some fiction. Still formulating my To-Do List for 35, but one thing on there for sure will be a complete first draft of the novel that accidentally led me to poetry to begin with.

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One thought on “Best. Feature. Ever.

  1. I’m honored you invoked me, bro. I was featuring myself on Wednesday, I forgot my own rule — and in retrospect, I can tell.

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