Pumpkin Seeds: Opening Day Edition

1. Multiple entries starting @ 4:20pm; alcohol-fueled, heavily edited for typos.

2. F**k a stereotype! It’s Sunday. Football’s on. Wife and kids are out of the house. Fridge is full of cheap, leftover beer. The Jets just won an exciting season opener. All four of my fantasy teams are in the mix so far. I’m cheering the Eagles on against the Giants, mainly because I have several of them on one of my main fantasy teams. I’m successfully maintaining a nice buzz that shouldn’t follow me into tomorrow. It may not be the American Dream but it’s certainly a welcome and much-needed nap!

3. I hate Budweiser, and most mainstream beers for that matter, but their “Leon” commericals are simply brilliant.

4. The Forgotten is one freaky-looking flick! I can’t wait.

5. For the record, Brad Meltzer’s deconstruction of the icons of the DC Universe in Identity Crisis is A-OK with me. More than A-OK, it’s successfully – so far – shifted my general opinion of DC’s overall universe, long considered a tad milquetoast for my tastes.

6. I L.O.V.E. football movies. High school football movies, in particular, have a certain emotional resonance that only the most intense war movies achieve. Varsity Blues remains one of my favorites of the genre. Friday Night Lights looks like it’s going to be another one. The trailer chokes me up!

7. Two TDs in the first quarter, is there any question that Terrell Owens is going to finally help Donovan McNabb live up to his undeserved-to-date hype? The real question is, will T.O. get full credit, or will the media, still jumpy over Rush Limbaugh’s accurate if badly delivered assessment of its overrating McNabb, claim retribution and raise his pedestal even higher?

8. If you’re on AIM right now – 5:21pm EST – drop me a note at glecharles69. I know, the “69” is cheesy, but it’s in reference to 1969, the year I was born. When I dumped my AOL account, the bastards locked up my old screen name. I don’t do cybersex; that’s about as corny and lame as you can get!

9. When drinking, constructing a pyramid from your empty beer cans can become a dangerous proposition. Just saying…

10. Sundays are slow days on the internet, at least w/r/t this journal. Weekends, really, as traffic typically drops by 2/3rds from the weekly average. Since I started this entry two hours ago, six people have logged on, four via Blogger’s “Next Blog” function on the toolbar up top.

11. Gummi bears and beer probably don’t mix but I’m about to find out…

12. No. They don’t. 🙁

13. A Coronita, a hunk of Queso de Papa, and Salomé and the kids are home. Back to hibernation…

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4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Seeds: Opening Day Edition

  1. Your esilence has lasted a total of 5 days not counting the entry you made 2 days ago. I suppose this must be the Welcome Back Blog Week Of September 12, 2004.

  2. Dude you couldn’t be E-Silent if someone stapled your eyes shut, cut off your fingers, and put a muzzle on your mouth. It just isn’t possible. The way to prove this is when you aswer this post which you will. Oh and leave young claudia alone. I don’t think her boobs are D’s anyway, yeah she goes bra-free whenever she can but she has to be a C at least dude.
    And please understand that you are not middle aged. You still have a good 12 years before you reach that stage in your life. Save up for the sports car.

  3. Ah yes, I felt the same way watching football, drinking beer, thinking I’ve become some horrible stereotype. Unfortunately my Bills lost on some total bullshit, thus perpetuatinging my deeply held conviction that God hates all things Buffalo. On a brighter note, I managed to completely devastate your fantasy team last night, so not all hope is lost 😉 Unfortunately, I ended up playing Phil West’s team in Slam This, who happened to have the highest scoring team in the entire league (God throws a shot to the kidneys). Most importantly, I won my fantasy baseball matchup, so it’ll be me and you in the championship after I mop the floor with the Borg-Nine….

    …Incidentally, I LOVE the Leon commercials. They may be just my favorite commercials out right now. “Oooh coach, that last one hurt on the inside…when those fans booed me…I think I need a little Leon-Time.” That shit had me LMFAO…..congrats on your return from retirement…does this mean that you’re going to buy the Washington Wizards?…..just wonderin’…..MCS

  4. The Jets won a game?! I’d come out of an E-Silence to write about that too. Might even drive me to drink cheap beer while home alone. But I’d skip the gummi bears!

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