Life is cyclical

Life is cyclical, a simple if debatable truism. Live long enough, you will begin to see the patterns. Stand still long enough and you might get trampled by your past.

I have no idea why but I felt the need to put that into words.

In other news, since I have nothing particularly interesting to offer, let’s take a walk through blogland…

1) Bassey, Miss you much. I feel like I owe you an email about something but can’t remember what. Let me know. Also, please set up an RSS feed so I can keep up with your journal via Bloglines.

2) Dana, Glad to see you’re paying off the debt! Almost makes me forgive you for buying an iPod. Not because it’s expensive, but because it’s an iPod. Apple sucks! 😛

3) Diane, An interesting blog requires an interesting person with a passion for something, or several somethings. I don’t necessarily have to know the person, and sometimes would rather not! I blog because I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and like the idea of strangers stumbling across things I’ve written. It’s also easier than writing in a regular journal.

4) Dyanna, What’s weird is your listing of blogs you read. “Ommie-Wommie?” “Ed-Cutie-Patootie-Garcia-wia?” I don’t know how Steve does it!

5) Fish, Welcome back! Glad things are going well. Let me know when DWK’s featuring at Acentos! 😉

6) Mara, Where are you? Your blog has disappeared! I know you weren’t updating often but it was nice to be able to go back and reread every now and then. I’m going into withdrawal!

7) Oscar, We must talk about your thinking behind Margot Kidder ruining Superman. And is “G vs E” that short-lived USA show with demons and a 70s vibe? If so, is it still on somewhere?

8) Phil, You mean to imply that MoveOn and the Kerry campaign are two separate entities? Because I’m convinced the only reason he’s running such an inept campaign for the center is that he’s counting on his friends at MoveOn to deliver the left.

9) Victor, Your ongoing dissection of Identity Crisis has served an as interesting annotation for me as I’m unfamiliar with much of the history of the DCU. I have no idea who the killer/s is/are but I’m immensely enjoying the tale Meltzer’s laying out there.

That’s all folks!

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2 thoughts on “Life is cyclical

  1. HA! I was being cute/funny/annoying. It started with me reading Nina’s blog which is titled ‘Nina Farina’ and then evolved from there. I also wanted to a) see how long it took for anyone to notice and b) see how long it took for the owners of the blog domains to say something about it.

    And besides, ISN’T Ed a cutie-patootie? I’m sure many would agree. Maybe I’ll change your link to Guy LeCharlesy-Warlsey. Or maybe Gonzalez-Schmonzalez. Is that better? LOL

  2. RSS Feed? I would love to get one of those.
    But I don’t think they make them in my size.
    Also, I don’t know what that is…

    And I wanted to talk to you about self-publishing but now I’m looking to get published published so nevermind. Even though you should email me anyway because your life is empty without me.


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