Buzzscope Reviews: 7/20/05

A week off for vacation and the to-read pile is ridiculously high! Oddly enough, for all the comics I bought this week, there weren’t too many that inspired a review, positive or negative. Two I did like but didn’t get a chance to review were Defenders #1 and Grounded #1. The former was as fun and silly as expected, while the latter was a pleasant surprise that caught me unawares. Check it out here.

The Atheist #2
A taut, black-and-white thriller with a tinge of horror…The Atheist is also the kind of comic book that rewards the discerning reader, one who demands more from their sequential art than guys in spandex punching each other and “crying Martians.”

Captain Gravity and The Power of Vril #1
A purposeful homage to the pulpy heroics of the Golden Age, Captain Gravity is similar in tone to Ex Machina, a nominal superhero story whose main appeal lies in its setting and characterization.

House of M #4 (of 8)
If House of M just ends up being a drawn-out, $23.92 What If…? story with few, if any, consequences for the regular Marvel Universe, well that’s our own faults for believing the hype.

Be sure to check out all of this week’s reviews from Buzzscope’s crack staff of reviewers – some of the best out there, if I may say so myself. Plus, I have an interview with Marc Sumerak (Power Pack, Ororo: Before the Storm) that should hopefully go up sometime this week. Be sure to check back for it, and while you’re there, sign up and leave some feedback in the forum. It’s one of the more level-headed boards out there and while the usual suspects get the most attention, there’s plenty of room to talk about good comics, too.


One thought on “Buzzscope Reviews: 7/20/05

  1. “If House of M just ends up being a drawn-out, $23.92 What If? story”

    What do you mean IF?

    ….. ….

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