Buzzscope Reviews: 10/5/05

Cranked a few out this week, including our first “Staff Picks” entry…

Amazing Fantasy #13
With the underlying concept of superpowered humans who eschew capes and tights – and are inherently more dangerous as a result – Karl Kesel quickly establishes a credible setting that begs for elaboration, while teasing just enough information to pique the readers interest.

Conan and the Demons of Khitai #1 (of 4)
Editor Scott Allie has proven to be a worthy steward of Robert E. Howard’s storied barbarian, and with Demons of Khitai, it looks as if he’s once again caught lightning in a bottle as Akira Yoshida and Paul Lee get off to an excellent start.

Staff Pick – Elk’s Run
I personally guarantee that anyone who’s spending more than $25/month on comic books is buying at least one title that pales in comparison to Elk’s Run, especially if your pull list is dominated by Marvel and DC titles. (Includes preview pages and an interview with Joshua Hale Fialkov.)

Our Weekly Roundup will go up later today, pending another review or two being submitted, but you can get a sneak peek here, including a review of the intriguing Bone Sharps, Cowboys & Thunder Lizards GN that was previewed on Free Comic Book Day earlier this year. And, of course, our weekly dose of Ronée Garcia Bourgeois’ “What a Girl Wants,” as she checks in with once and future Wonder Woman artist Drew Johnson, and gets his thoughts on her recent crossing the line in the run-up to Infinite Crisis.

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