Link: Infinite Crisis 101

I’m still gathering my thoughts about Infinite Crisis #1 – didn’t love it, didn’t hate it – but thanks to Troy Brownfield’s excellent WHO WAS THAT CAPED MAN? A SPOILER HEAVY LOOK AT INFINITE CRISIS #1 article over at NEWSarama, I feel like I have a much better understanding of where it’s coming from – and where it’s possibly headed – and the final page reveal now has a lot more of an impact for me. Kind of ridiculous that it takes something extracurricular like this to make it work for all but the most anal-retentive of DC fanboys, but c’est la vie. That’s the unfortunate reality of corporate comics these days.

I am officially excited about it again, and am looking forward to restoring a few DC titles to my pull list post-One Year Later.

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One thought on “Link: Infinite Crisis 101

  1. Ok, I’m officially hooked! I only bought Infinite Crisis because it was a light week on the wallet at Midtown. I’m fairly confident I’ll commit to the the 7 issue run.

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