Truth is an Olympic Gymnast

Truth is an Olympic Gymnast

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

I believe in truth
raw, unvarnished
hurt your feelings, if necessary

The more I have to lose
the more truthful
I tend to be.

I’m self-destructive that way.

So, sometimes…
I lie.

Little white lies
Lies of omission
Outright whoppers intended to
burn the house down.

I’m whimsical that way.

I believe in telling the truth to your friends
and lying to your enemies
as long as you’re sure
who’s who.

Until then,
lie to everybody.
Flagrantly, extravagantly,

…call them poems
and they will love you for it.

I believe in truth, lies
and avoiding the videotape
which never lies
unless it’s been edited.

I believe the moon landing was staged
and aliens have been running the White House
ever since.

I believe that would explain a lot.

I believe in truth
the way I believe in God and love
–cautiously optimistic
but flexible enough to hedge my bets.

I believe you should mean it
when you say “I love you”
and be allowed to change your mind
minutes later.

I believe people change all the time
and most times
they lie to themselves
more than anyone else.

I believe black and white
are short-sighted
and that Grey’s Anatomy is more realistic
than 24-hour cable news.

I believe I’ve lost track of my point
though I might simply be lying
and never had one to begin with.

I’m flexible that way.

And THAT’s the God’s honest truth.

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