Buzzscope Reviews: 11/2/05

Jonah Hex #1
As a casual fan of Westerns who was looking forward to both this comic book and last week’s Loveless, I can’t help but compare the two and give the nod to Jonah Hex. Because Loveless is without question the more ambitious of the two, its flaws stand out even more than the minor nitpicks I have with Hex.

Also, check out a special “No Ronée This Week” edition of my Establishing Shots column, #3.5: You Decide. Win Stuff!, as I attempt to bribe the internet with FREE comics!

To acknowledge the recent surge in activity across the site, and to encourage the many lurkers who check out the site but have never registered for the Forums, we’re giving all of our readers the opportunity to win FREE comics (and comics-related stuff) by telling us what else they’d like to see us cover.

And don’t forget this week’s Review Roundup which includes our latest Manga Recon and a couple of Boondocks flashbacks.

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2 thoughts on “Buzzscope Reviews: 11/2/05

  1. Hi comic fanboys…I am most excited this week for Y the Last Man, Aquaman, The Walking Dead..Do you boys read these? Image has put out some of my favs recently, so I may try Mora and Blacklight because of your post. And I’m mighty confused over Infinite Crisis right now.

  2. Hey, Red! I read the first Y trade and enjoyed it, but haven’t followed up with it since. Haven’t checked out TWD yet, and I’ve never been a fan of Aquaman. 🙁

    I wouldn’t recommend picking up Mora unless you’re able to track down the first three issues, too. And Blacklight’s unfortunately been cancelled as of #2, so no telling what it’ll read like. I heartily recommend Image’s Fear Agent, The Atheist and NYC Mech: Beta Love. Season of the Witch got off to an interesting start, too.

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