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I just sent out an email to all of our columnists updating them on what’s what over at Buzzscope and, in doing so, was rather impressed with the roster we’ve put together over the past couple of months. Check it out:

Ronée Garcia Bourgeois’ “What A Girl Wants” (every Monday)
Jim Salicrup’s “Addicted to Comics” (every Wednesday)

Fangirl Rampage, by Lauren Perry (1st & 3rd Thursdays)
The Hive, by Jason Rodriguez (2nd & 4th Thursdays)
Comics You Should Own, by Greg Burgas (2nd & 4th Fridays)

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez’ “Establishing Shots” (1st Thursdays)
Tania Del Rio’s “Read This Way” (1st Fridays)
Eric Shanower’s “Man of the Hour” (2nd Thursdays)
Michael Oeming’s “OEMED!” (2nd Fridays)
Neil Kleid’s “Take That!” (3rd Thursdays)
Dave Rodriguez’ “Servant of Two Masters” (3rd Fridays)
Jenny Gonzalez’ “Column TBA” (4th Thursdays)
Rich Watson’s “What’s A Nubian?” (4th Fridays)
The “Battleground Spotlight” (3rd Saturdays)
Comics By The Numbers, by Kurt Addams (4th Saturdays)

That is, without question, the most diverse range of comics-related content anywhere on the internet. [pats self on back]

I can’t take credit for all of it, though, as several of these were already in the works or active when I took over as editor, including Ronée, Salicrup, Kleid, Shanower, Del Rio and Oeming’s columns. The latter two were actually supposed to be a part of the initial Buzzscope relaunch last year but, for different reasons, didn’t debut until recently. Oeming’s was a total (but pleasant) surprise to me, actually. The Battleground Spotlight was an internal thing and I don’t remember whom came up with it, and Perry’s column (interviewing female comics fans about what they like to read, in their own words) fell into my lap; the rest is content I recruited specifically for the site. Coming soon will be monthly review columns covering Marvel, DC and Indies, respectively, plus one or two possibilities that I received great queries for and am awaiting samples on.

It’s all totally selfish in a way, as it represents my ideal site, all of the content I’d like to read in one place. Hopefully there’s a little something for everybody else in there, too.

Next up, as everything settles into place, I want to get back to writing some features myself. In the wheelhouse: a Black History Month Industry Buzz; a Speakeasy follow-up; interviews; Free Comic Book Day 2006 package…and who knows what else?

One thought on “COMMENT: Buzzscope Update

  1. That is a great line-up. Think of yourself as a band manager; now you have to get them to all their gigs on time, in shape, and ready to perform.

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