LINK: Reality Check + NYCC Update

My latest Establishing Shots just went up, and I go off on a bit of a personal, real world tangent before ripping into idiot trolls:

At this point, there’s some ill-mannered idiot out there reading along wondering why I’m not writing about Spider-Man’s new costume (I give it six months), or offering yet another opinion on Infinite Crisis #4 (Can you say, “plot hammer”, boys and girls?). He’s probably considering hitting the talkbacks to post some asinine comment like:

“Wish there was some menu here where I could filter out all those fine authors who confuse a column with embarassing gender battles that us grown up’s left behind in high school. No to mention the black brother who preaches black themed comics ad nauseum, for no apparent and logical reason.”

To you, “mckracken”, and any others sharing similar thoughts, I say, “Fuck off.”


Unfortunately, I was informed a couple of hours after writing the column that the amusingly monickered “mckracken” went and got himself banned from the forums for that last straw of a comment — Ronée has even less tolerance for, um, intolerance than I do! – so we won’t get the benefit of a response from him. Not directly, at least. I’m sure he’ll find a fitting home elsewhere on the internet, though, and take the opportunity to bash us a bit.

In other news, the NY Comic-Con site has been updated with their full schedule of events and it’s insane! They are clearly expecting a huge turnout for the weekend. Check out my panels: Beyond the Capes and Spandex and What About the Kids?– All-Ages Comics Roundtable. (NOTE: Jeff Parker will not be participating in the latter panel, as he unfortunately won’t be in attendance on Sunday.) Bookmark for updated info on our doings for the weekend, including the after-party you must attend.

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