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The article I mentioned a couple of days ago, on the BOTS sketchbook, is up now: Artists, Robots Team Up to Raise Funds for Autism Research. It’s a bit of personal background, Nic Carcieri talking about how the project came about, and some cool samples from the book itself.

Was pulling it together helpful to you and your family in any way? The amount of support it’s received must have been heartening.

Carcieri: It has been helpful because I’ve connected with so many other people who have gone through what we’re going through. As a parent, the last thing you ever want to hear is that something is wrong or different with your child. When something like this happens, you go through every emotion — anger, fear, sadness, despair. It can make you feel very alone at times. But then, you gather yourself together and pick a course of action and move forward. When you start to meet other people who have been there, everything becomes a little easier.

Go, read, and then click through and order your copy.

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