NY Comic-Con Journal: Day 2



Lot of fun.

After-party was off the hook, exceeding my expectations.

Two panels tomorrow with no sleep. Yikes!

Sleep now…

Packed to the rafters.

PopCultureShock booth and back of Senior Games Editor Howard Brown’s head.

((FREQUENCIES)) and Necromancer writer, Joshua Ortega.

Elsinore and Monkey vs. Lemur writer, Ken Lillie-Paetz

Nostalgia Rampage!

Cool Superman art from the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum booth.

Tim Seeley and Josh Blaylock representing for Devil’s Due
at the PopCultureShock booth.

Writer Charlie Huston representing for Moon Knight and his novels, with C.C. Banana and Howard Brown in the background, at the PopCultureShock booth.

Charlie Huston and #1 Moon Knight fan, Comic Geek Speak‘s Kevin Moyer.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch writer/artist, Tania Del Rio does free sketches for the fans.

The Bowery Poetry Club was packed for the PopCultureShock after-party.

NYC Mech artist Andy MacDonald (right) and friend.

NYC Mech co-writer, Ivan Brandon.

Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming (right) and friend.

Artist Celia Calle (left) and friend.

The Comic Geek Speak crew.

From right to left, Divison 18 co-creators Jeremy (The Pickytarian) Donelson
and Matt Bergin, Matt’s lovely wife and, I think, Jason Rodriguez’ cousin.

Former CBC contributor Stephen Maher, my lovely wife Salomé and friend Daisy.
DJ Dylan Garret in the background doing his thing.

Me and Symphonics impresario Shawn Randall celebrate a successful night.

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