LINK: NEWSarama on Indie Panel

A. Dave Lewis’ coverage of my indie roundtable, Beyond the Capes and Spandex is up on NEWSarama now!

by A. Dave Lewis

The Sunday afternoon “Beyond the Capes and Spandex” panel, hosted by, emphasized the overall diversity of the New York Comic-Con, featuring a wide array of creators for whom the medium and the superhero genre were by no means synonymous. Led by’s Senior Comics Editor Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, the panelists consisted of notables from both sides of the mainstream/alternative spectrum.

Tania Del Rio (Lovesketch, MangaKa America, and Archie Comics’ Sabrina the Teenage Witch) sat in a high stool next to Fred Van Lente, known both for his Marvel work as well as his self-published hit Action Philosophers! Likewise, Sean Wang, first known for his work on The Tick but now associated with his space smuggler series Runners, was placed beside him, followed by Neil Kleid of Brownsville and 90 Candles fame. Decked out in a black fedora, Ken Lillie-Patez (Devil’s Due Elsinore, Silent Devil’s Monkey in a Wagon Vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel) took a seat next to the unassuming Jose L. Torres of The Hunger, and Jenny Gonzalez of Too Negative on the bookended the panel. (Ivan Brandon, writer of NYC Mech, ducked in late, grabbing the open stool next to Del Rio.)

LeCharles Gonzalez opened the discussion by continuing a thread from earlier panels – the status of the serial, pamphlet comic. He asked the assembled creators for their thoughts as to whether there was a “viability for the pamphlet in terms of anything other than superheroes.”

A tip of my hat to Matt Brady for the coverage, too. I take a poke at NEWSarama now and then, but like Wizard, they do what they do well, even if it’s not always necessarily the way I’d do it.

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