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Traffic’s been up in these parts over the past couple of months, making me feel the need to post something relatively substantial every day, but the 9-to-5 hasn’t been letting up and I’ve been attempting to get to bed before midnight on a regular basis, especially since the Con. Started on a post about making friends and enemies in comics that quickly devolved into snark and sarcasm, so I saved it to revisit with a clearer head at a later date, if at all. Instead, I’ll spread some love…

The blog links in the left column have been pruned and updated, as has my Bloglines account. I’d hit information overload, a lot of it redundant and/or pointless, and I realized that I don’t really need to know what EVERYBODY is saying. Deleted more than 25 blogs all together!

A random sampling of a few of my faves follows, but you can’t go wrong with any of the links over there. (FYI: Several of the creator links are blogs, too, so if a former link is missing, it might have been moved down there.)

2 Guys Buying Comics
Chris, Randy and Jake — yeah, it’s three guys; I dunno — have quickly become one of my favorite reads in the ever-expanding comics blogiverse. Chris’ take on Superman is a recent highlight, but they’re pretty consistently posting good stuff, so stop in daily.

Funnybook Musings
Ryan Murray started his blog right around the same time I did, and was one of the first bloggers I ever interacted with. He took a break for a bit, and has returned with brief reviews of mostly Marvel/DC stuff — though he’s recently started picking up more indies, too — and his recommended reading links are a great resource for a spontaneous Amazon purchase.

The Johnny Bacardi Show
Johnny Bacardi’s one of the few Comic Book Galaxy contributors I enjoyed reading, when I realized he wasn’t writing for them anymore, I snatched him up for PopCultureShock. He covers more than comics on his blog, and is, generally speaking, an engaging writer. And not just because of the Bacardi angle! 😉

Second Suitor
Dorian Peace’s second go-round has gotten off to a promising start, as his mission to embrace “the spirit of trying new things” and “highlight good books that [he feels] are worth reading” is an admirable one. There’s more than enough snark out here, so kudos to him for taking the positive approach.

andrew6’s Journal
I came to “know” Andrew Foley through my coverage of the Speakeasy story, and have been impressed with how open and honest he is about…well, everything, really. He’s also compiled a ridiculous amount of Speakeasy-related information, from articles to blogs to message boards, and isn’t bashful about offering his own take on things, though always diplomatically. I bought Parting Ways purely on the basis of my online interactions with him, so hopefully it’s good!

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