PANEL: Daughters of the Dragon #3

Daughters of the Dragon #3 (of 6)
Art by Khari Evans, Jimmy Palmiotti and Christina Strain
Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
March 2006, Marvel Comics

Zilla and the Comics Junkies has been one of my favorite blogs since I first came across it, as much for its great content as for its excellent visual design. If I ever get around to redesigning CBC, I’ll be stealing their template! One of my favorite things Zilla posts is the panel scans, especially the standalone posts, a la this one from Wolverine #32.

Last night, while heading to Pathmark for our weekly grocery shopping, my wife remembered she had a lot of printing to do for an appointment today and our trusty old laser printer was low on toner. Because it’s so old — I’ve had it since 1997! — we can only get the toner online, so I ended up running into PC Richard and buying a new printer. Part of me thinks it was a set up as she’s wanted to get a new printer for a while now, and not having the luxury of doing some research to find the best deal, I ended up going with a brand I trust, getting the HP Photosmart 2575 All-in-One, which includes, finally, a scanner! Not thrilled about the paper feed problems several reviewers on are complaining about as that was always an issue with the previous printer, but my wife printed out a bunch of stuff last night so, so far so good.

With the ability to post scans, I feel like I’m officially a real comics blogger now! Maybe I’ll start my own webcomic? Ha!

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