On the Shelves: 4/12/06

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My weekly look at select comic books being released Wednesday, 4/12/06. The full shipping is list available at ComicList.

[NOTE: Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. If your LCBS offers a pre-ordering service, be sure to take advantage of it. If not, find another one; or try Khepri.com or MidtownComics.com]


Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle TPB
Shaolin Cowboy Darrow Cvr #5 (resolicited), $3.50
Shaolin Cowboy Delgado Cvr #5, $3.50

While I’m not reading either of their titles, I like that Burlyman hasn’t launched anything new since their well-received debuts. Especially considering the delays both have experienced, the focused, slow and steady approach is the way to go.

Amazing Adventures Of The JLA, $3.99
American Virgin #2, $2.99
Batman Year One Hundred #3 (Of 4), $5.99
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #24, $2.50
Showcase Presents Teen Titans Vol 1 TPB, $16.99

Christopher Priest has such a rabid following, I find myself wanting to like him more than I actually do. Sorta like Brian Wood. I’ll give his JLA one-shot a…, er, shot. *** I wasn’t really feeling Paul Pope’s take on Batman at first, but once I judged it on its own merits, the first two issues were pretty entertaining. The cover price is steep, though, and it’s something I’d definitely wait for the trade if not for my discount. *** Firestorm‘s first OYL issue was solid, but that only gets it back to flip-through status, and its 3rd shot at making my pull list. Three strike rule’s in effect, though. *** Old school Teen Titans may be a little too cheesy for even my tastes, but it’s the first superhero Showcase that’s vaguely interested me, so I may give it a flip-through.

GI Joe Sigma 6 #5, $2.95

I’m sure none of you hip bloggers out there are reading this, and as a result, you totally missed my getting a shout-out in the last issue! (Note to self: post that as a PANEL this weekend.)

Thunder Monkey #1, $2.95

How can you not give something called Thunder Monkey a chance? Maybe when a Google search reveals Dream Bug Productions doesn’t have a damn web site? Or even a blog!?!? I mean, come on, work with me here!

Action Philosophers Hate The French, $2.95

Many people have assumed I was French due to “Guy LeCharles”, including one particularly idiotic co-worker back in 2003 who got caught up in the whole anti-French, “freedom fries” nonsense. If she weren’t so stupid, and in the distant past, I’d buy her a copy of this.

Iron Man Demon In A Bottle TPB, $24.99
Son Of M #5 (Of 6), $2.99
Thunderbolts #101, $2.99

Now here’s some nostalgia I can get into, an alcoholic Tony Stark. I barely remember the story arc, but I do recognize its place in the canon and I’m curious about how it holds up. *** Sticking with Son of M through the end but I’m going to be really pissed if Magneto gets his powers back. Which means, of course, that I AM going to be really pissed since we all know there is no way Magneto is staying de-powered. Professor X, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. *** I hope Nicieza doesn’t lose steam now that his initial Thunderbolts storyline has more or less wrapped up. It’s one of Marvel’s most consistently entertaining ongoings.

Revolution On The Planet Of The Apes #1 (Of 6) (AA), $3.98

I’m thinking maybe they resolicited the first issue to take advantage of the fancy PotA DVD set that was just released: Planet of the Apes – The Ultimate DVD Collection – With Ape Head Packaging. (Ape Head Packaging?!?!) If so, smart move, though it would have been nicer if the TPB was already out and could have appeared on Amazon as a “buy together” deal instead of King Kong, which is a pretty lazy pairing on their part. If I didn’t already own all of the movies and the TV series separately, I’d totally snatch this new set up, though I have no idea where I’d find 1564 minutes to watch it all! (But WTF, “Ape Head Packaging”?!?!)

Write Now #12, $6.95

Always a good read, TwoMorrows publishes some of the best comics magazines out there, covering stuff the comics internet doesn’t already have nailed down.

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