LINK: New Superman Returns Trailer

“Don’t make me angry.
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
Click on my bald head to see for yourself.”


Ohh that Lex! He’s so funny when he screams. It made me laugh in agony.

You on the other hand may have a different reaction. Perhaps you’ll slouch in your chair after watching this trailer. While the first one released months ago left me wanting more, this latest effort deflated my expectations.

Trailers can make shitty movies seem like good ones, and good movies seem great. So what do you have when you see a shitty trailer? I guess we’ll have to wait till June 30th.

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2 thoughts on “LINK: New Superman Returns Trailer

  1. Yeah, I keep hearing people talk about how great this looks, and I… disagree.

    Mostly, I just wanna know why young Clark Kent is wearing glasses? 😉

  2. I may have an answer to that. In Birth Right it was established that Kal EL had freakishly blue eyes. More intense than any human. So to disguise this his parents gave him glasses to mute the blue color. If you look at some of the publicity shots it seems like Singer has picked this up for the movie. I have to say though they don’t seem very consistant with it. In some photos Superman has wierd blue eyes, in other they’re brown. I’ve mostly seen this happen in magazine spreads.

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