PANEL: Moon Knight #2

Moon Knight #2
Art by David Finch, Danny Miki and Frank D’Armata
Written by Charlie Huston
May 2006, Marvel

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One thought on “PANEL: Moon Knight #2

  1. This comic is a joy to behold and read. Subtle nuances of character development sprinkled throughout.

    I am not that well versed in what makes a well written magazine but these images sure look great. I like how the panels are paced, and how the story has flashbacks intermixed with present day scenes. I also like the inclusion of religion within the trials and tribulations of the superhero.

    real sweet mixture of blood, guts, spiritual conflict, and seventies holdovers updated for new millenium sights and sounds.

    purrs like a fine 70s muscle car thats had the engine under the hood reverbished and a contemporary color paint job…

    all comments are meant as compliments, although not expressed so clearly.


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