Why I’m Taking a Break: Exhibit B

Andrew Foley, who’s always been refreshingly honest about how the collapse of Speakeasy Comics a while back has affected him, reveals the latest plot twist in that sordid little saga:

Apparently, Diamond is still distributing copies of PARTING WAYS–they just aren’t going to give any money to me or Scott Mooney. It turns out Adam Fortier still owes Diamond a substantial sum, and at some point, Diamond decided they were going to keep Speakeasy stock and continue to sell it to make up for their loss. Which means: if you got let off the hook and given your property back by Adam soon after Speakeasy shut down, and acted quickly, you got your books back. I know of at least two cases where this has happened (both of whom have personal distribution accounts with Diamond and therefore someone they could talk to immediately). However, if you got strung along for a couple of months and couldn’t get things straightened out with Diamond quickly, you’re screwed.

Wonder how many of the Fortier apologists who were offering variations on “he’s a really nice guy” and “at least he didn’t string people along and then file for bankruptcy” will pick up this little tidbit and finally call a spade a spade? And which sucker publisher is going to hire the so-called [former] “king of licensed comics”?

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