COMMENT: You Like Drama, Yes?

That’s the only way I can think of to explain why, of the two links to this blog from The Beat earlier this week, way more people clicked over to the ongoing Speakeasy drama than did my bit on the general lack of interest in comics journalism. Like five times more.

As I wrote to Tom Spurgeon, in response to his criticism of a PW Comics Week article last week, “the comics industry is simply too small and insular to support legitimate journalistic oversight – outside of independent efforts like [The Comics Reporter] and the sporadic gems that pop up across the comics blogosphere – and as long as the major comics outlets are content to serve primarily as PR platforms, that’s not going to change anytime soon.”

Heidi makes an interesting point in her comments on the subject: “Marvel and DC have adverse reactions when people snoop into their beeswax, meaning that outlets like Wizard and Newsarama cover comics the way Variety and the Hollywood Reporter cover the studios — on a carefully doled out schedule of canned announcements.”

I found it interesting that yesterday, NEWSarama saw fit to cover Alias’ latest dustup with a bit more depth than usual, and yet, still not a word about Speakeasy. Outside of Lying in the Gutters’ subtly slanted coverage – Johnston’s certainly earning his keep on that one, yes? – nothing on CBR, either, as the situation is completely ignored in their interview with The Grimoire‘s new writer, Chris Stone, who’s also been credited as Speakeasy’s “Creative Director” in previous articles. (Oddly, The Grimoire section in Speakeasy’s official forums has apparently been scrubbed, and there’s only a single thread there now, about issue #7, Stone’s first.)

While covering Alias’ troubles is somewhat akin to Larry Young’s “too-easy shot-across-the-bow,” if Fortier was willing to talk to me, surely he’d answer Matt Brady and Jonah Weiland’s questions, yes? And if not, I’m positive some of the more outspoken creators involved would appreciate the coverage. Considering their “Big Two” position in the comics internet, I want to say they practically have an obligation to cover the story.

Yeah, I know…and Wizard should cover more indies. Head, meet brick wall.

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