The CBC Library is Open

CBC LibraryThe latest update to Comic Book Commentary is now available: the CBC Library, your new one-stop-shop for all of your comic book-related purchases.

The Library features an eclectic mix of books, DVDs and games I recommend, as well as select Amazon Listmania lists, in a wide range of categories: Batman, Fables, Artesia, Essential Reading, More Essential Reading, Essential Marvel, Absolute DC, Fantagraphics, No Spandex, Greg Rucka, Charlie Huston, Los. Bros. Hernandez, Pulp Superheroes, Superhero Cartoons and Cult/Noir Movies.

I’ll have more set up over the next couple of weeks, but between what’s there now and the fully functional search feature, you can help justify the obscene amount of unpaid time (and money!) I spend on comics by shopping in the CBC Library today.

My wife and kids thank you!

PS: Don’t forget Blogwatch, your up-to-the-minute, one-stop-shop for anything and everything that’s worth reading in the comics blogiverse. If it has a feed, it’s in the Watchtower!

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