The Defenders: Comics Fantasy Football Champs

Dave Carter of Yet Another Comics Blog has hosted a fantasy football league on Yahoo! the past two years, and yours truly took home the trophy this season with playoff victories over the regular season champs (and Dave’s team), Kickers, Inc. — 71-60 — and the evil Flex Mentallo — 59-44.

Despite scoring the most points in the league during the regular season (1079), I only had a 7-8 record — after going 5-2 the second half — but snagged the last spot in the playoffs on a tie-breaker. Once there, though, the Defenders rolled to victory! They were a ragtag bunch, not unlike their namesakes, and by the end of the season several of my opening day starters were long-gone or had been benched.

What started out like this:

…ended up like this:

Several of my expected stars — Daunte Culpepper, Edgerrin James, LaMont Jordan and Jeremy Shockey — were all cut or benched at some point, replaced by the surprising likes of Drew Brees, Frank Gore, Maurice Jones-Drew and Marques Colston.

Metti-Publisher — the comics publisher fantasy league — needs to get back up and running ASAP because Fantasy Baseball doesn’t start up for another three months and I need another fix bad!

PS: Go Jets! Brady and Beliprick are going down this weekend!

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