On the Web: Comic Book Movie Round-Up

It’s quite likely that Spider-Man 3 will end up being the best superhero movie ever — an honor currently shared, IMO, by Unbreakable and Batman — and this clip from National CineMedia doesn’t do anything to suggest otherwise.

I think Ghost Rider is going to surpass expectations and turn out to be a pretty good movie, though that acknowledgement may come long after it leaves theaters. It reminds me a bit of ConAir, Nicholas Cage’s underrated action romp that reset the bar for loud, over-the-top action movies.

300 looks like it will be a visual masterpiece, not unlike the source material, and with Gladiator far in the rearview mirror, if Zack Snyder and company can flesh out Frank Miller’s rather…er, spartan story into a full-length drama, it’s going to be a huge hit and Gerard Butler’s going to hav free reign to dish out beatdowns to bellhops across the country.

I’ve still not seen the first Fantastic Four (nor Catwoman, Daredevil or Superman Returns), partly because every preview I saw for it looked boring and uninspired, but the teaser for the sequel not only got me psyched about it, I now want to see the original, too.

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