Random Thoughts and an Update

So yeah, “minor” surgery is still surgery, and coupled with a drug industry and medical profession that takes “side effects” a bit too casually, I missed the entire NY Comic Con. The whole damn thing. The PopCultureShock party, too, which pisses me off the most, actually, as I was hoping to meet up with some people I hadn’t seen in a while as well as putting some faces to blogs I enjoy.


Anybody out there who did attend the party? I can live vicariously through your feedback!

I spent most of the past week laid up in bed, periodically hobbling around the apartment to take a break from marathon sessions on my rarely used Xbox: Destroy All Humans!, Just Cause and Fable: The Lost Chapters. Not a single comic book tie-in among them, although throughout Fable I was thinking what a great license it would be to adapt for comics. It features a pretty solid storyline that’s ripe for embellishment, especially since the main character is so malleable, by design, but driven towards his destiny by forces beyond his control, that much of the subtext takes place in the player’s head.

I wonder if the rights are available and how ridiculously expensive they might be?

Other than video games and checking in on work here and there, I didn’t do much else, including staying on top of the world of comics. That meant no Marketing Monday or On the Shelves this week. I’ve also got more than 300 posts in my Bloglines Comics folder that I’m skimming through now, but since most of them are probably about the Con that won’t be a big deal.

One that caught my eye quickly, though, was 4thletter’s David “hermanos” Brothers’ “New York State of Mind” about the Black Panel and, more specifically, Michael Davis’ “We define us.” statement regarding the attempt to change the name from “The Black Panel” to “The African-American Panel”. Having raised an eyebrow originally, Davis’ take on it made me reconsider my overly PC gut reaction, especially since I personally have never taken to the label “African-American” because Africa is so many generations removed from my extremely mixed bloodline that it doesn’t ring true. For me. And nobody defines me but me, so kudos to Davis for laying that out so succinctly.

I really wish I had caught that panel.

Double Ugh.

Anyway, things will probably get back to normal here in the next couplafew days; definitely by next Monday when Marketing Monday will return to its weekly schedule!

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and an Update

  1. Hey, you

    Feel better soon. I certainly know how minor surgery can knock you for a loop. So, let yourself rest and get better and we’ll be here for more of your fabulous reports!

  2. Thanks, Loren and David!

    I”ve corrected the Cowan/Davis error. I think for the next week or two I’m just going to blame anything I mess up on the antibiotics!

  3. I’m so sorry you missed it — I had hoped to say hi! Concentrate on getting better, ok?

    I wanted to attend the Black Panel, and I started to, but due in part to technical issues beyond their control (and some panelists’ late arrival), by the time 2:30 came around (the panel was scheduled to start at 2), they were still doing introductions. Since my time with an old friend was limited, we left. It was a hard choice.

  4. Guy:

    Found this page through the help of Tommy Cox. He has my contact info. I offer my wishes for a speedy recovery. Give me a buzz.

    Michael “WILL” Williams

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