Party Like A Rock Star

Party Like A Rock Star

He heard the music
most of us tune out
without realizing,
marched to a beat
mere mortals
couldn’t comprehend.

A rock star, literally,
Peter of the Earth conducted
life-giving electricity through
those he loved and strangers
alike, in random bars and
nightclubs and open mics
and windswept beaches
in the dead of winter.

To know him
was to question
your own commitments,
to understand life was meant
to be lived, treated like an
empty dance floor with a
DJ who takes requests.

To be uninhibited

Those who can,

Those who can’t,
write poems about it.

Peter did both
conducting kinetic symphonies.
wore his emotions
on both sleeves,
and when his shirt inevitably
unbuttoned you could see his
heart always in the right place.

His laughter was infectious
and to watch him dance
was to understand freedom.

Writing about Peter
is like talking about love
or gravity or what comes next.

Better instead to close
your eyes, lose yourself
in the beat, and dance
like your life depended on it.

[For Peter James Conti, RIP.]

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