QotD: The Song Remains The Same

Led Zeppelin will finally offer their music online starting next month.   Of the music you buy, about how much of it do you download and how much do you buy on physical formats (CDs, vinyl, etc.)?

Any artist not making their music available online in some method — unless they’re involved in some label dispute over royalties — is crazy, I think, and missing out on reaching new audiences. I rarely buy CDs, et al, these days, preferring to selectively download singles that I like and ocassionally getting the full album from favorite artists or newly discovered ones who click for me (ie: Gym Class Heroes and Jurassic 5). I’m a lot more likely to seek out an interesting new-to-me band via a one-shot download than I am to head over to…um, where does one buy music in person these days anyway?

I currently have almost 700 songs on my new MP3 player, with about that many more on the hard drive jukebox Salomé and I share.  I have a ton of CDs, mostly from the 90s, that one of these days I’ll finish ripping so I can get my digital Milli Vanilli fix whenever I want to, but it’s such a time-consuming process. The majority of songs from this century, I bought online.

On that note, it’s playlist time featuring the 10 most recent songs I’ve listened to via “Random Play All”:

  • All That I Am, Rob Thomas
  • How to Save a Life, The Fray
  • Words of Wisdom, Tupac
  • Lean Back, Terror Squad
  • Mad Season, Matchbox Twenty
  • Let’s Go Crazy, Prince
  • Human Nature, Michael Jackson
  • El Cuarto de Tula, Buena Vista Social Club
  • So Much to Say, Dave Matthews Band
  • Ever the Same, Rob Thomas

It’s Rob Thomas Day, apparently! Not a bad thing.

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