QotD: World Series 2007

What are your predictions for the World Series?

While I’d like to see the Colorado Rockies over the Boston Red Sox in 5, so they can win it at home, I think it will likely go 6 or 7, but the upstart Rocks will ultimately pull out the victory.  Scheduling nonsense aside — 8:23 pm games in Colorado, in October!?!? — I think it’s going to be an exciting series that not nearly enough people are going to watch. Their loss because the Rockies have several really good players deserving of the national spotlight — not to mention the always appealing Cinderalla storyline — and the Red Sox have some great young kids in the mix with their established veterans, each of whom have already had at least one big moment in the playoffs so far.

As much as I enjoy a good football game, there’s no better sport than baseball and no better championship than the World Series!

Side note: Why is Dane Cook the centerpiece of Fox’s marketing campaign for the playoffs this year? From the little bit I’ve seen, he’s not a terribly funny comedian — his career seemingly similar to Sarah Silverman’s inexplicable “popularity” — and his commercials pale in comparison to Don Cheadle’s great NFL playoffs commercials from a couple of seasons ago.

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