2007 Recap Meme

{meme in which one takes the first line of the first post from each month and looks at it as a summary of the year. and is a little stunned at the results. NOTE: This blog didn’t start until March so the first two months are from Comic Book Commentary.}

January: In the most glaring sign yet of how much my tastes have changed over the 3.5 years since I started reading comics again, compare my Best of 2004 choices to this year’s stellar roundup (below).

February: I have a love-hate relationship with Black History Month, simultaneously appreciating the thought behind it while despising its continued necessity.

March: The need to express oneself in such a public manner is a peculiar trait, indeed.

April: It’s somewhat fitting that the Don Imus fiasco blew up this week, but if the heightened awareness of the pervasive sexism and racism in this country is allowed to fade simply because MSNBC and CBS caved to the pressure and fired him — not because it was the right thing to do, but because it was the fiscally prudent thing to do — then it’d be akin to Jackie Robinson being the only black baseball player.

May: A 4BR detached house somewhere in the Bronx that my wife would be willing to live for at least another 5 years. (from an “If money were no object” wish list meme.)

June: The only thing cooler than handing out obligatory trophies to a group of kids who actually earned them, is having your son be one of those kids!

July: Keith Olbermann on Bush, Cheney: “Which is the ventriloquist and which is the dummy is now irrelevant.”

August: It’s somewhat ironic that on the same night I read a new poem entitled “On the 89th Day, I Quit“, I end up drinking way more than usual.

September: Even though I’ve not been to work since Friday, August 24th, my vacation pretty much ended the minute we landed at JFK last Wednesday evening.

October: We trekked up to Lawrence Farms Orchards again on Saturday to have an apple-picking/pumpkin-picking/picnic party for India’s 5th birthday and the unseasonably warm October weather was absolutely perfect for it!

November: It’s Spindle‘s penultimate update before the official launch in January and it’s the most eclectic mix of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and photography yet, including the debut of our first column, Mahogany Browne’s Coffee & Brooklyn (C&B), and the latest Notable New Yorker interview, Ivan Brandon: Crime Comics Czar.

December: I refuse to become as emotionally invested in the presidential race this time around, largely because none of the candidates speak to me as strongly as Kucinich did back in 2004 when he represented an admittedly longshot at legitimate change. 

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