Between my internet connection at work being screwy all day and seemingly on the blink, the post I started writing earlier was lost. It was about the difference between Batman and Superman and a comment director Wolfgang Petersen made about it. Petersen was apparently attached to a Batman vs. Superman movie that was scrapped in favor of separate movies. Can’t say I’m disappointed. Petersen’s also the director of the new movie, Troy, with Brad Pitt lamely delivering one of the corniest lines ever: “Immortality! It’s yours. Take it!” No thanks, Brad. Between Gladiator and Return of the King, I have no interest.

Unlike Troy, I ignored my gut feeling about the Friends finale and watched it anyway. Predictable and uneven, it delivered the ending most fans seemed to have wanted with Ross and Rachel reuniting. All in all, it was a bit of a yawner, though not nearly as bad as the last over-hyped NBC finale, the lameass Seinfeld. It also didn’t come close to the ratings they expected, just over 50 million viewers, less than half that of M*A*S*H. Good riddance, though. Maybe NBC will finally start showing Scrubs some respect.

Wednesday night found me hanging out with Eric and hitting Symphonics. A fun night ensued, full of spirited debate with Taylor Mali and Mike Henry and there’s something I’m supposed to publicly acknowledge in relation to the slam but considering I got home at 4:30am, I can’t remember exactly what it was. On a silly note, I do remember Taylor challenging me to a push-up contest at one point and I matched his 25. I forgot he gets in shape towards the end of the slam season so he can wear his tight black t-shirts on stage so it was a good thing I’ve recently returned to the gym. I guess he can slack off now as he ended up the alternate for Urbana, behind the McKibbens Duo, Celena Glenn and Anis. A truly remarkable team, perhaps the strongest ever sent from NYC. 79 other teams fighting for second place in St. Louis is gonna suck! (Anyone else not think Taylor will take advantage of the 5×3 format to get himself on stage if they make the Finals?)

Happy Mother’s Day.

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