The SC Debate

In retrospect, I’m so annoyed that I missed tonight’s debate in favor of poetry, but I’m glad that Obama apparently finally brought it: “I can’t tell who I’m running against sometimes.”


Sorry, but it’s official. I hate the Clintons and I will not vote for Hillary if she’s the Democratic nominee, even if Bloomberg doesn’t run.

Side note: The thing that frustrates me the most, and honestly makes me sad to the point of tears, is the people who want and expect more from politicians but accept the Clinton’s dirty tactics because  it’s just politics and “that’s how the game is played.” If the past seven years haven’t convinced you that this isn’t a fucking game, then I sincerely hope a) you don’t live in NY or DC, and b) that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are targeting your backyard for their next attack.

How’s that for playing the fear card you goddamned moronic Democratic sheep? Get a damn backbone and vote your principles for once!

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5 thoughts on “The SC Debate

  1. Yes, let’s have McCain or how about Huckabee. —All wonderful choices! In fact, let’s just get rid of the scientific method all together. Who needs it? I don’t need to be a citizen with control over my body because that Hilary is too mean or bitchy or a hardcore campaigner or whatever the latest complaint is. Why don’t we just give the EPA to Exxon, they’ve been buying it for years. Let’s pave the Rockies. Let’s build a fence around big cities and put gays on an island. Let’s stay in Iraq for 10 years…how about 20? And as for security…you can’t bring a fucking nail file on a plane, but the outer gates to most airports are secured with padlocks. Our ports are woefully unsafe and owned by foreign governments. Our bridges, dams, and railways are crumbling before our eyes. Healthcare? Healthcare? Who the hell can afford that?

    It always surprises me when people vote against their basic interests and values.

    We’ve got serious problems that hate simply cannot cure.

    Unless we build a majority at the state and congressional level, no president from our side will be able to affect change or restore our most basic institutions. We can certainly argue ourselves into yet another presidential loss, but I wonder about the wisdom of that.

    You know the story about the crabs in the aquarium right? One crab starts to make his way out, and the rest pull him back down. This election has that story written all over it.

    There are three fine candidates running. There isn’t much that separates them politically. It is actually better for our side if this continues to be a horse race. —There’s less time for the other side to systematically destroy our guy/gals character. The good news is people have hated Hilary for so long, it’s beginning to sound a little bit silly and sexist.

    But don’t take my word for it–I’m just a simple RADICAL ACTIVIST! I’ve been a campaign manager for oh, 3 months and already the character crap has begun–and I’m not even running for office. AND it’s a state house race for goodness sake.

    Check out:

  2. My 2am rant here aside, if you or anyone else wants to support Clinton on her perceived merits, more power to you, but don’t feed me this crap about the “horse race” strengthening the candidates. There is nothing positive about the campaign she’s running and the only thing she’s strengthening is people’s resolve to not vote for her.

    It always surprises me when people vote against their basic interests and values.

    I agree. And that’s exactly what I’d be doing if I cast my vote for Clinton.

  3. You are certainly entitled to do what you think is best.

    The horse race is good, it’s better for voters. Further, it’s good if Edwards sticks around to keep everyone on track. –I’m not suggesting you change you mind, but it’s not crap what I’m telling you. Unless you think crowning a candidate now is what would be best. If it comes down to a more states having a voice in the primaries, well, that’s a very good thing. My primary vote never counts. I don’t believe that’s right or good for America. The longer the race runs, the more folks actually weigh in on the candidates. …that’s not crap.

    See you at the polls.

  4. My objection is not to a lengthy campaign; I agree that’s a good and necessary thing in order to educate as many voters as possible, and I think Edwards staying in the mix for as long as he’s able is important, too. My objection is to the combative and inflammatory tone the Clintons set after her defeat in Iowa.

    They believe that playing dirty is okay (and clearly relish it) and that Democrats will all come together when it’s over, but the point they’re missing with that strategy is that not everyone who’s been energized by this campaign is a loyal Democrat and those are the people they’re going to need to win in November.

  5. Now THAT we agree on. The base isn’t enough to win. You’ve got to go for Independents, who broke in the last two elections for a Republican. So, the obvious paths to take are— a change message OR an experience in the trenches message.

    Women will decide this election, whether they’ve declared a party preference or not. The strategy for ALL Democratic campaigns this time around is to capture soft R’s (Republicans with weak primary voting history), Independents, and secure the base.

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