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April 22nd is a long way off and my nerves are a little bit frayed right now so I’m going to step away from politics for a while here on the blog and focus on some other stuff (see below).

For a final bit of perspective on the meaning of last night’s results, I cede the floor to the inimitable Andrew Sullivan:

Obama supporters should not be dismayed.

Obama has a tougher, nastier opponent in the Clintons than he does in McCain. If he wins this by a long, grueling struggle, he will be more immune to the lazy, stupid criticism that he is some kind of flash in the pan, he has more opportunity to prove that there is a great deal of substance behind the oratory, he has more of a chance to meet and talk with the electorate he will need to win in the fall.

I think the argument for Obama is easily strong enough to withstand the egos of the Clintons. The more people see that her case is almost entirely a fear-based one and his is almost entirely a positive one, the more he will win the moral victory as well as the delegate count. In the cold light of day, the bruising news that the Clintons are not yet dead seems less onerous.

Know hope.

In other “hopeful” news, I faxed over the paperwork this morning to our realtor for a bid we’re putting on a house we saw in Bloomfield this weekend, a perfect-for-us 3 bedroom in the Halcyon Park neighborhood we fell in love with but couldn’t afford three years ago, when life threw us a serious curve ball that we’ve since adjusted to and have pretty much hit out of the park. (Can you smell baseball in the air?)

A lot of things have changed for us over the past three years, not the least of which is that I’m finally mentally ready to become a homeowner and am much more positive about the whole process and the prospect of likely being “house poor” for a couple of years. The kids are older and doing well in school, Salomé has a new career in teaching that she loves and is very good at, and I’ve really hit my stride over the past 18 months since I made the perilous jump from marketing to sales and no longer dread coming to work every day nor resent my paycheck every week.

There’s some other potentially good news brewing that might come as soon as later this week, so cross your fingers and toes and whisper a good word for us to whomever/whatever you believe in!

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2 thoughts on “Know Hope

  1. I completely agree. Also, do you want to know the moment I was sold enough on Obama to give him a serious look? It was the moment I realized that both Andrew Sullivan and Cornell West endorsed him. One or the other I could ignore, but not the combination.

  2. Betts and I are crossing fingers, toes, and telephone wires and we hereby invite you to our favorite Bloomfield diner-type spot, the State Street Grill, if you guys land that sucka.

    In other news: I join you in saying that I will never, ever, under any circumstances, cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. I gotta tell you, I haven’t been this personally invested in an election since my first ballot, and I daresay I’m not alone in feeling this way. There will be a lot of embittered Obama supporters out there if he is bumped aside at the convention for some bullshit notion of it being “Hillary’s turn.”

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