Monday Mash-Up, 3/17/08

1) I am swamped. Between the start of the new job only one week away (which kicks off with a trip out to Cincinnati) and the [mostly good] stress of our impending house purchase (attorney review is winding down; inspection is on Saturday), I’m a week behind on Spindle‘s March update and am going to have to burn the midnight oil tonight, after attending a Little League Coaches meeting, to get it done for tomorrow.

2) I am thrilled. This will be the oddest and coolest job transition I’ve ever made as it’s effectively a promotion but with a change of employer and scenery. The additional responsibility is a welcome challenge, even with the sharply raised stakes, as is the opportunity to put my stamp on two more magazines. Coupled with the success of Spindle, and my not-always-clearly-thought-out career goals are starting to come to fruition. Throw in the new house, our dream house by almost every realistic definition, and the fact that in general, things seem to really be falling into place all of a sudden — ie: as I’m typing this, our lender just called me to say rates dropped and we just locked in for 5.5%! — and I find myself looking both ways 5 times before I cross the street!

3) I am tired. This Winter has been relatively mild, I guess, but it feels like it’s lasted forever and I’m so ready for Spring to finally get here. I’ve been sick more this Winter than in recent memory, and the past couple of months have had trouble getting to sleep at a decent time, often lying awake in bed for an hour or two before finally drifing off. The holidays really threw me off my gym schedule, too, and I’ve put on about 10 pounds since then and can feel it. I’ve had a few false starts this year getting back on schedule but now I have the added impetus of fitting back into my suits for the new job and had a good workout today.

4) I am motivated. The combination of the house and the new job have me feeling like a real adult for once — not the reluctant one I’ve been for years — and I’ve made a vow to myself to stop skating through life happy with a “B” when just a little effort would garner an “A+”. That’s across the board; at home, at work, at play. I particularly need to work on the time management thing which often makes opting for the “B” the only legitimate choice.

5) I am happy. 2008 marked 5 years since the end of the failed Virginia experiment, and later this year, will mark 10 years of marriage, and 15 years since I got out of the Army and rebooted my life. There’s been all kinds of ups and downs along the way, with dizzying extremes on both ends, but right now, I daresay, the “malcontent” label doesn’t quite fit like it used to and I don’t mind one bit.

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