The Ideal Woman

Men’s Health reports on an “ideal woman” survey by some British dating website:

There’s no accounting for taste. Some guys go for Salma Hayek, others for Jessica Simpson.

A British dating website polled 66,000 men about their female ideal and came up with someone who sounds closer to Jessica than Salma: blue eyes, long blonde hair, 5-8, 130 pounds, extremely fit, etc.

(Yes, we know Jessica has brown eyes. We were speaking generally.)

The Brits also said they like her to wear glasses sometimes, have a wacky, optimistic personality, not smoke, drink occasionally, and make less money than him.

Never mind that anyone who thinks Jessica Simpson is more attractive than Salma Hayek is crazy in my book, and we’ll ignore the apparent libidinous librarian fetish (mainly because I kind of understand that one!), it sounds like British men are a bit insecure on the financial front, what with preferring their ideal woman make less money than they do. That makes no sense to me.

Interestingly, British women are apparently superficial golddiggers, so that might explain things a little bit:

The results are in stark contrast to the same research carried out on women by the same website earlier this year.

Their Mr Right must be a high earner on £60,000 a year who drives a Mercedes and lives in a £300,000 property in the home counties.

Before Salomé went into teaching, she made more money than I did for the majority of the almost 10 years we’ve been married (a few years, significantly more) and I thought it was great. (Her father, not so much; in the beginning, at least!) I mean, we’re married, it’s ultimately our money, so who cares who’s making more at any given time? I know some married couples keep their money completely separate but that’s never made any sense to me.

As for the physical characteristics, while I’ll give them props for not going for the straight-as-a-2×4, teenaged boy-looking women that seem to dominate both Hollywood and the fashion industry, I’ve never understood the appeal of the blue-eyed/blond-haired stereotype. For one, it’s a stereotype and stereotypes are generally boring (aforementioned librarians excluded), and two, the blonde hair is usually fake, and nowadays, sometimes the eyes are, too!

Not to say blondes can’t be attractive, it’s just that they’re not, to keep with the British theme, my cup of tea. My  preferences tend to lean more towards that of a demitasse of half espresso, half evaporated milk and two sugars.

4 thoughts on “The Ideal Woman

  1. Librarians are the awesome!

    My woman makes tons more money than me too, and has the entire time we’ve dated, and that’s quite alright with me. Most likely, this will continue until we die.

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