Some (More) Personal News: Independence Day

First, the good news. That “half a shingle” I put up a few months ago? It’s now a full shingle!

I’ve officially launched Free Verse Media, a strategic marketing consultancy offering actionable solutions for businesses and brands who want to engage audiences across multiple platforms more effectively—in alignment with specific business goals and key performance metrics. I’m taking 25 years of hard-earned experience and going the freelance route (gulp!), looking to work with organizations that value developing genuine relationships with communities in service of a greater good, at least as much as they value generating revenue for stakeholders.

I have one amazing project lined up which I’m excited to talk more about in the very near future, and will be exploring taking on a couple of others over the next few months. If you’re ready to stop winging it and take a more strategic approach to your business, check out my Services page for more information, or email me at guy (at)

And the bad news…

As the last gasp of F+W Media’s bankruptcy finally looms on the horizon, I officially resigned from my role as publisher of Writer’s Digest (and marketing director for F+W) and will be wrapping up with them this week.

The past six months year two years (?!?!) have been an unexpected roller coaster ride as my return was ultimately undone by the toxic combination of private equity, the media business, and mediocre executives failing upwards. The details of F+W Media’s arguably avoidable demise are someone else’s story to tell, but the most important part for me is that all indications suggest Writer’s Digest will soon be in a much better place with its new owner, Active Interest Media, and the majority of its dedicated staff will have a chance to celebrate WD’s 100th anniversary with an optimistic outlook for its future rather than the ever-present, demoralizing dread of death by corporate neglect.

There’s a part of me that’s disappointed I won’t play a direct role in WD’s future success, but it’s balanced by the knowledge that I left no stone unturned to ensure it survived the past twelve months of uncertainty and turmoil. Most importantly, I’m confident that the remaining staff is poised to build upon everything we were able to accomplish despite so many obstacles—as long as they’re given the proper support and investment to make it happen. Enthusiast media may be powered by passion, but passion doesn’t pay the bills.

As is typical of most Writer’s Digest alum who’ve moved on to other adventures over the years, I’ll (once again) be avidly cheering for their continued success from within the broader writing and publishing community, helping out my former colleagues however I can—and if you have any stake in the health of that community, you should be, too.


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