At the risk of being called a liar on two different counts, allow me to clarify: in conjunction with Wanda Ortiz's installation of Mercury/Mercurio a reading with be held at the Hostos Art Gallery, featuring Guy LeCharles Gonzalez and Jessica Torres Wednesday, November 3, 6pm Hostos Community College E 149th St & Grand Concourse, Bronx … Continue reading

John Rodriguez was a breath of fresh air at last night’s Acentos, dropping a solid mix of old and new work, as well as a nice little slam on half of the unusually weak open mic. "Hey, Guy, remember when I used to yell all my shit? Waving my hands like I was conducting the … Continue reading

It's been four days since my last confession, Blogger, but in a rare switcheroo, I was busy talking smack over on my little-used LiveJournal account, commenting on the debacle that was the 2004 National Poetry Slam. I won't get into it here other than to say, while I feel bad for those who attended and … Continue reading