What do American Idol and poetry slam have in common? A little bit of irony to set it up first. As a kid, I was notorious for always being late. Not a few minutes late, either, but often an hour or more. Because my mother was pretty strict, I knew 5 minutes was as bad … Continue reading

Last night at Acentos was like an uninterrupted 24-hour stint in the recharger and I'm feeling good about poetry again and hopeful about the scene in general. I've always said being nervous before a performance is a good sign that you still care about what you're doing. Jessica, Nina and Maria obviously care about poetry, … Continue reading

Wole Soyinka has this quote, "The tiger does not sing his tigritude." But, I think that if the tiger entered a world of leopards, he probably would. -- Mara JebsenApropos of nothing, I just love how Mara's mind works and her writing is second-to-none. This weekend was...tiring and counterproductive. Short, aimless getaways just don't work … Continue reading

People I’m feeling right now

People I'm feeling right now: M.C. Siegel: mcpoet.blogspot.com The honest truth is that when I feel like I'm resisting this tendency I, for the life of me, cannot write. Emotional anguish and solitude are the perfect catalysts for my writing. Sadly enough, when I'm happy it's like being on soma, I have no ambition to … Continue reading People I’m feeling right now