FLATLAND: Prologue

SAMUEL FLETCHER Ought-Seven:UE (Unasian Era) By the age of thirty-seven, Samuel Fletcher had cheated death more times than he could recall, thanking Olidammara at every opportunity. Taken from his village and pressed into military service at 15 years old, he’d come of age during a violent and lawless time, spending his next fifteen years fighting … Continue reading FLATLAND: Prologue

Crawfish Dreams, Venom’s Taste

I love randomly discovering new [to me] writers, especially when they're not well-known bestseller list types. That whole underdog thing. I finished Crawfish Dreams last week and am happy to say that Nancy Rawles is a remarkable talent! She weaves an intricate tale of a family of Creoles living in mid-80's Los Angeles into a … Continue reading Crawfish Dreams, Venom’s Taste

Chapter One: Brief Introductions (cont’d)

Belgeon Urthadar absently rubbed at the scar on his forearm as Shann Tharden outlined the impending mission to the Village Stethlan, an outpost farming village on the Hazur River, near the northern edge of the Hazur Mountains that lay southwest of Tashluta. The village’s prosperous brewery, famous throughout the region for its potent Stethlan Stout, … Continue reading Chapter One: Brief Introductions (cont’d)

Chapter One: Brief Introductions (cont’d)

The smell of charred wood and flesh had reached his nostrils a full mile before he’d reached its source – each step closer making it impossible to not assume the worst. Corin knew the tangled, unmarked paths of the Black Jungles like he knew his own name – intimately and without effort, moving swiftly towards … Continue reading Chapter One: Brief Introductions (cont’d)