Teaching in the Bronx, but no MFA!

Had the pleasure of doing a reading/Q&A at the Riverdale Neighborhood House last night for a group of teens from a workshop run by Corie Feiner (fka Corie Herman) as part of a residency she’s had since 2000, thanks to Poets & Writers. One of the coolest gigs I could imagine, teaching kids writing in the Bronx. The RNH is a great setup, too, offering various after-school opportunities for local kids, many of whom aren’t from Riverdale but from Marble Hill and Kingsbridge. Hope something like that is available when Isaac and India get older. Got a jar of teen-made apple butter for my efforts, too!

Almost makes me want an MFA. Of course, that would mean finishing my BA first which, with every passing year, is something I have less and less interest in. With Salomé back to taking classes this semester – and the $500 in books she had to get for them! – that interest is at an all-time low! I’m thinking I might instead look into one of the certificate programs at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. They’ve got a couple of interesting Marketing and Publishing certificates that seem to be exactly what I’m looking for. Pricey, yes, but much more focused and to the point.

Gonna take a break from politics for a few days before I pop a blood vessel. On the front end at least. I will continue the interesting discussion that’s started in the guestbook, though. Hope some others join MC Siegel (who’s raised another provocative subject on his own journal) and jump in with their input.

Consider this my parting shot and the web site of the day. 😉

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