A little perspective on the New Hampshire primary:

Population: 1,275,056 (est.)

–> The Bronx has 1,332,650 (est.)

Demographics: 95% White

–> The U.S. is 81% White

Registered Voters: 740,000 (est.)

–> 37% are registered as Republicans, 38% as independents, 26% as Democrats. Expected turnout today: 180,000.

Delegates: 22

–> Howard Dean currently leads with 104 delegates, followed by Kerry with 80. You need 2,162 to win the nomination.

In other words, this tiny, lilly-white northeastern state carries way too much weight in the nominating process if anyone but Lieberman is counted out after the results are in. February 3rd is the first real test for the other six candidates as seven pretty diverse states hold their primaries and 269 delegates are up for grabs. Whomever you’re supporting, take tonight’s results with a grain of salt and don’t be tempted to abandon ship if your guy doesn’t do so well. Yes, that includes the Deaniacs.

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