NaNoWriMo 2004 Word Count, Day 15

Babe in the Woods, NaNoWriMo Word Count, Day 15: 13,297 (-11,708)

For the second time in three days, I managed to crank out more than the 1,667 words/day minimum, resulting in a 121-word dent in my overall Word Debt. If not for the whole working and sleeping thing, I’d have made even more progress as the cracks in the belated Week 2 Wall were beginning to show.

In other news, The Swan managed to reach a new low last night, pitting a pair of sisters against each other as they receive the most unnecessary, and undeserved, makeovers yet. It’s bad enough the show regularly substitutes plastic surgery and pop psychology in place of intensive, long-term psychotherapy, or in some cases, a good swift kick in the ass – but to have these two young girls, both in their 20s, both childless, both out-of-shape from simple laziness, was preposterous. But to then have them “competing” against each other for a spot in the sad pageant that separates The Swan from the other makeover shows was truly reprehensible. How do these people, especially the plastic surgeon, not lose their licenses?

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